We send season of park!

We send season of park! "Oizumi green ground news" September issue was issued on August 1! The cover of the September issue is Higanbana! When the flowering of ganbana blooms, does this heat settle down …? ? You can see about "Oizumi green tract news" September issue of this issue and the August issue of the previous month from Oizumi green tract official website ♪ <Oizumi Ryokuchi homepage / News from Oizumi Ryokuchi introduction page> https://www.osaka-park.or.jp/nanbu/oizumi/dayori.html ○ twilight yoga We will be holding a series of "Ocinomori no Mori Yoga" from April and "Twilight Yoga" in September! Why don't you try yoga while taking a sunset on the Great Lawn […]

Bicycle simulator

Bicycle simulator A bicycle simulator experience will be held on August 4 (Sun) at the central rest area! You can learn the rules, manners and dangers when riding a bicycle by experiencing the dangers that may occur when you drive a bicycle! If you step on the bicycle pedal, the image on the monitor will move according to the speed, and if you move the steering wheel, you will move in that direction, and you will feel like you are actually driving a bicycle! The screen of the simulator can be displayed on the screen, so visitors can learn together. Participation fee is free and experience is on a first-come, […]

Licorice (Natsuzusen) flowering!

Licorice (Natsuzusen) flowering! Licorice (Natsu Zuisen) has begun to flower on the central flower bed east side! Every year, the trumpet-shaped pink flowers bloom from the end of July to the middle of August. The flowering is advanced and crowding is even more remarkable ☆ Look forward to future growth! It is the same Higanbana family as Higanbana that blooms bright red flowers at the same time around the bank, and it is toxic, so please only look at it without touching! # Oizumi green space # Licorice Facebook

Water lily flowering!

Water lily flowering! Water lily is blooming in the scenery pond of contact garden ☆ It may be connected with the Oizumi pond, and if the timing is good, you may also be able to see the co-star of the water lily and the lotus ♪ # Oizumi green space # Water lily # Contact garden Facebook

News of facility blackout in park

News of facility blackout in park The following toilets can not be used from August 8 (Tuesday) 8:00 to 9:00 due to power receiving equipment construction. We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Applicable toilet: The third toilet, the fourth toilet, the fifth toilet (boys), the ninth toilet, the eleventh toilet (men's multipurpose toilet), the thirteenth toilet (multipurpose toilet), the eighteenth toilet # Oizumi green space Facebook

On August 4th (Sunday), “Let’s play the summer of the Yumehiroba Oizumi Green Area!” Was held in the forest area in front of the sheep square from 10:00 to 14:00!

On August 4th (Sunday), “Let's play the summer of the Yumehiroba Oizumi Green Area!” Was held in the forest area in front of the sheep square from 10:00 to 14:00! On that day, the weather was fine and the weather was great, and there were lots of fun activities such as stamp rally, natural work, and pinecone fishing in the forest area in front of the sheep square! Wasn't it possible to spend a fun summer vacation with the semi-large chorus as background music? On that day, there were lots of summer vacation events such as a bicycle simulator at the central rest area and a fun insect class in […]

Crape myrtle colorful!

Crape myrtle colorful! Crape myrtle blooms in various places in the park! Good BBQ is white on the south side, light red on the adventure land, and red on the skate plaza west. The long flower period is also a feature of crape myrtle! It seems to be a summer symbol for the Oizumi Green Area ♪ #Oizumi Green #Crape myrtle Facebook

On July 27th (Sat), we held a lecture on “Let’s make a wooden calendar”!

On July 27th (Sat), we held a lecture on “Let's make a wooden calendar”! First of all, listen to material confirmation and explanation of how to make, sort the pieces into large, medium and small, and arrange them on the layout drawing to see the balance. I will write the days, dates, and pictograms from 1 to 12 months and days to Saturdays on each round piece! Attach the round pieces to the base plate with Velcro and decorate the empty space with nuts and branches! Your own calendar has been completed ☆ #Oizumi Green Facebook

Momijia flowering!

Momijia flowering! A vivid red and flower shape somewhere in the garden of hazumizumi Somewhere tropical chick, Momijiaoi is in bloom ♪ A lot of flowers bloom in front of the entrance to welcome everyone who comes to Shikisaien ♪ #Oizumi Green #Momijia Facebook

Making medaka and waterbowl bowl

Making medaka and waterbowl bowl On July 28th (Sun), we held a workshop on “Medaka and Denji Sou water bowl making”. Masu will study how to make aquatic plants and how to raise medaka. Explaining aquatic life with slides from familiar creatures such as loach, motsugo and tamoko to alien creatures such as black bass, We will study with quiz slides and real things such as the difference between medaka and coconut palm. After that, hands-on training in making water bowls. Put Denji Sou in a water bowl, put pebbles around it, and add half of the water. About 5 medaka from the medaka pool, where many medaka are swimming, […]