[To everyone who sees cherry blossoms]

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, please refrain from cherry-blossom viewing with eating and drinking at Sakura Square. In addition, please enjoy cherry-blossom viewing while avoiding situations that pose a risk of spreading infection, such as keeping a certain distance so that it will not be crowded or close. In addition, it should be noted. If you see any behavior that goes against the well-known content, we may prohibit cherry-blossom viewing. .. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in our efforts to prevent the spread of infection. ▶ Oizumi Ryokuchi ▶ Osaka Prefectural Park Association

[You can also enjoy the flowerbed in the garden of contact]

The other day, I introduced the flowerbeds of Hanaizumi Garden and Shikisaien, but you can also enjoy the beautiful flowerbeds in the Fureai Garden. Fureai Garden is also Japan's first garden designed with the concept of universal design ? The height of the flowerbed is set so that people in wheelchairs can enjoy it. There is also a commentary in the garden of Fureai, so please pay attention to the design of the facility and enjoy it ??

The November issue of “Oizumi Ryokuchi News” was published.

Delivering the season of the park! The November issue of Oizumi Ryokuchi News has been published ? The cover is a row of ginkgo trees at Kanaokaguchi, a specialty of Oizumi Ryokuchi. There are a lot of workshops in November! Please note that the popular "Let's make a stump Santa" will be charged and reserved this year to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection ? In addition, there are plenty of contents such as introduction of autumn leaves and yellow leaves spots in the park ? Please enjoy the autumn Oizumi Ryokuchi ? ▶ Back number is Official homepage Please from

[Important Notice] *Updated September 1*

The government's declaration of an emergency situation in Osaka Prefecture has been lifted, but from the perspective of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, following the instructions from Osaka Prefecture, Free BBQ is not available in the designated area in the park for the time being. *The following paid BBQ facilities can be used after making a reservation. 【Contact Us】 ▶ Good BBQ Oizumi Ryokuchi (hand-held BBQ): 050-5212-8846 Good BBQ Notes and fees for using Oizumi green space Here (Move to external site) ▶ Outdoor furnace (loan only): 050-5212-9861 For precautions and fees regarding the use of outdoor reactors Here There are some precautions when using the service. […]

Fir tree

Momijiaoi is in full bloom in the garden of the first parking lot on the north side, Hanaizumi ? The bright red flowers create a gorgeous summer atmosphere. Flowers only bloom for one day, but don't worry, there are many buds! Please enjoy different flowers every day☀️