Family farming experience

Family Farming Experience The 5th of the “Family Farming Experience” was held on Sunday, August 18th, in the 10th program “Farming Farming Experience” that includes farming experience such as rice and vegetable making and nature craft experience at Shikisaien! This time, we observed rice fields and fields, so we grew rice in Shikisaien and observed the fields. After observation, it is the art of natural work seeds. I made butterflies, dragonflies, fish, crabs and so on! It became a fun memory of summer vacation ☆ #Oizumi Green Facebook

Best time to watch Curcuma!

Best time to watch Curcuma! Curcuma is in full bloom in the garden of contact! The exotic shape of the flower is characteristic of a light red color ☆ In fact, it is classified into the same turmeric family as the edible turmeric, and the ones that are planted in the contact garden are those that appreciate flowers! We have pretty flowers blooming without losing the heat of summer ♪ #Oizumi Green #Curcuma Facebook

Hazumi’s garden sunflower again! !

Hazumi's garden sunflower again! ! The sunflowers on the eastern side of Hanazumi's garden that was in full bloom from late July to early August have passed the best season, but the place has changed and the same sunflower field has begun to grow on the west side Masu! Please come to see the sunflower at the end of summer ☆ #Oizumi Green # Nozumi's garden #Sun Flower Facebook

Waterside creatures exhibition

Waterside Creatures Exhibition The “Waterside Creatures Exhibition” is held in the Flower and Green Consultation Center, where you can collect and display fish, aquatic plants, and plankton from the three ponds in the Oizumi Green Area! In cooperation with Oizumi Ryokuchi Volunteer and Karo Toike Nature Club, we are also introducing panels on waterside creatures and activities to protect them! There is also a crayfish fishing corner! Please come to memory of summer ☆ The details are as follows. ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー Period: August 22 (Thursday) to August 30 (Friday) Venue: Flower and Green […]

Summer vacation painting class

Summer vacation painting class August 18th (Sun) Oizumi Ryokuchi volunteers and Oizumi Sketch Club Aki Shimoji Shimbun held a “Summer Vacation Painting Class”! The theme of this time is to draw summer scenery using colored paper! After introducing reference photos of summer-like landscapes, we listened to the points to choose color paper and the explanation from the drafts to coloring with watercolor paints and started work! We will give individual guidance as needed, including drawing, and finally, the teacher will evaluate and instruct each piece of work and finish it partly ☆ I was able to leave the beautiful scenery of summer with pictures that remain in the shape ♪ […]

In the beginning of August, the licorice that was in full bloom on the east side of the central resting place (Natsuzuisen) has passed once, but recently the second licorice has begun to bloom again ♪

The licorice that was in full bloom on the east side of the central resting place in early August (Natsuzuisen) has passed the best season but recently the second licorice has begun to bloom again ♪ The end of August when the heat begins to calm down is likely to be a flowering finale! #Oizumi Green #Liquorice #Natsuduisen Facebook

Tree Climbing® in Oizumi

Tree Climbing® in Oizumi We will hold the popular tree climbing this year too! Why don't you climb a tree that grew up in Oizumi Green Area under the guidance of a professional instructor? Climb the tree safely with tools such as ropes. The scenery you see from the top of the tree is different from usual and it's fresh and interesting ☆ Please join us! Applications will be accepted from the management office window or telephone from 10:00 on August 29th (Thursday). It is first-come-first-served basis! Please tell us your preferred time. The details are as follows. ————————————————————————————Here-rainy day 29th September 2019 cancellation 9:15 start 9:30 (Moving time 15 […]

Oizumi Forest Yoga-Twilight Yoga-

Oizumi Forest Yoga-Twilight Yoga- It seems that the heat that has been going on for a long time after the Obon Festival will be settled. Forest yoga will be held outdoors again from September when the heat calms down ♪ Why do not you practice yoga at twilight while feeling the scent of the turf, the surrounding trees, and the blueness of the sky? For the twilight yoga held in September, we will accept a management office window or telephone from 10:00 on August 21 (Wednesday) ☆ Please apply ♪ ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー –Date […]