Camptotheca acuminata

A lot of Kanrenboku fruits are growing at a high position looking up.

    Camptotheca acuminata is a deciduous tree of the genus Camptotheca in the family Camptotheca acuminata. (It is also classified into Cornaceae and Nyssaceae)
    Camptotheca acuminata is a dioecious tree that produces pale green-yellow, spherical head-shaped inflorescences with five-petaled flowers in July-August, and bears fruits in the shape of blue bananas in September.
    Another name is "Kiju", and it is popular as a festive tree because of its auspicious name.

Best time to see: September-November

    You can see it in the garden of Komorebi in Oizumi Ryokuchi.


(Photographed on October 22 / Komorebi no Niwa)