Doggy photo session

2nd and 3rd notice Day and time: November 20th (Sat) Xmas ver. December 18th (Sat) New Year ver. 12: 00-16: 00 (last 15:30) The last Halloween photo session was very popular, and we received a hot call to hold it again next time, so we will collaborate with @snapshotofphotography this time as well ✨ I will also accept reservations, so please feel free to contact me with any questions. · ͜ · ❤︎ ▶ Oizumi Ryokuchi Central Rest House Cafe " Oizumi Ryokuchi La Mer " Address: 596-2 Minamihanada-cho, Kita-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka


The earliest flowers of Osmanthus fragrans are in bloom. Osmanthus fragrans is an evergreen tree of the genus Oleaceae in the family Oleaceae. Small fragrant orange-yellow flowers that make you feel the arrival of autumn bloom. Since it is a dioecious strain native to China and only male strains have arrived in Japan, there are no female flowers and no fruits can be seen in Japan. Best time to see: Mid-October to late October In Oizumi Ryokuchi, it is found in various places in the park, but it is often found near the autumn leaves bridge, the octagonal flowerbed, and the northeastern part of Hasumi Bridge. As of October 7, […]

Chinese trumpet vine flower

Chinese trumpet vine flowers are in bloom Trumpet vine is a climbing flowering tree of the genus Trumpet vine in the family Trumpet vine. The stem grows long, sticks out roots, adsorbs to other things, and climbs. In the hot summer months, gorgeous orange flowers like trumpets bloom one after another throughout the summer. Best time to see: Late June-September In Oizumi Ryokuchi, you can see different kinds of things in the large pergola in addition to the Fureai Garden. The number of flowers in the large pergola has decreased. The flowers will soon come to an end.

About closure of some facilities

[Regarding the closure of some facilities due to the state of emergency (updated on September 10)] Due to the issuance of a state of emergency, part of the facility will be suspended until September 30 (Thursday) from the perspective of spreading the new coronavirus infection. ■ Facilities subject to suspension of use, etc. 《Paid BBQ facility》 ・ Good BBQ Oizumi Ryokuchi ・ Outdoor furnace * Barbecue in the free BBQ area is still prohibited. ■ Available facilities, etc. ・ Parking lot / sports facilities (tennis court / baseball field / ball game open space / sports open space)・ Sports house ・ Flower and green counseling office ・ Cycle Doronko Square […]

Higanbana-late September

The flowers of cluster amaryllis are in bloom. Amaryllidaceae is a bulbous plant of the genus Lycoris (genus Lycoris) in the family Amaryllidaceae. The red flowers that can be seen in the paddy fields around the equinoctial week in autumn are called "cluster amaryllis" and "manjushage", and the white flowers are called "white flower manjusha". It is called "Hana". All of them are members of the genus Licoris, and there are many varieties, some of which bloom early in July, and there are various horticultural varieties such as yellow, orange, and pink in addition to red and white. Best time to see: Mid-September to late September In Oizumi Ryokuchi, cluster […]

Hagi flower-until early October

Hagi flowers have begun to bloom. Hagi is a deciduous shrub of the genus Hagi in the family Leguminosae. There are many types of hagi, and the most common one is Miyaginohagi, which is the most widely cultivated. The name "Hagi" is used as a general term for wild species such as Yamahagi, Marubahagi, and Kehagi, as well as their gardening species. It is a plant that has been written a lot in "Manyoshu" for a long time, and its curved and dripping appearance makes you feel the atmosphere of autumn. Best time to see: From early September to early October In Oizumi Ryokuchi, you can see different types of […]

Hana Senna-October

Hanasena flowers are in bloom Hana Senna is an evergreen shrub of the genus Senna of the leguminous family native to Andersen, Brazil. Many yellow flowers come in the season when there are few flowers. It is distributed under the name "Andean Maiden" and is also known as the former genus Cassia. Best time to see: Mid-August to October In Oizumi Ryokuchi, you can see it in Hanaizumi's garden and Komorebi's garden.

Crape myrtle-until mid-September

Crape myrtle flowers are in bloom. Crape myrtle is a deciduous small tree of the genus Crape myrtle in the Lythraceae family. The trunk is smooth, and when the pale brown bark peels off, the rest becomes whitish. The part that fell off was so slippery that the monkeys seemed to fall off the tree, hence the name "Crape Myrtle". There are red, purple, light pink, white, etc. flower colors, and since they bloom one after another for a long period from summer to autumn, the name is written in Chinese characters as "Crape Myrtle" . Best time to see: Mid-July to mid-September In Oizumi Ryokuchi, you can see it […]

August business calendar

I'm not feeling well, so I'm planning to start business from 7th (Sat) for now. If it gets worse again, I may change it, but I will do my best to take a break with the help of the staff! notice Currently, we are posting the recruitment of New staff for autumn on indeed. If you don't mind, we are looking forward to your application 💛 ▶ Oizumi Ryokuchi La Mer