The hollyhocks are in bloom in the hawaii garden on the north side of the first parking lot 🌸🌼🌸 The tall stalks and pink-yellow flowers are beautiful, and they are the symbol of the modern garden. It seems that it was a flower that already existed in Japan in the Heian period, and it was also used as a medicinal herb. You can feel the refreshing early summer from the figure that stretches smoothly towards the blue sky ✨ #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Hollyhock

La Mer ♡ Sweets

Good evening 😋 Thank you for visiting many customers today 💚 ・ At this time 90% of customers will order soft serve ice cream 🍦💕 ・ We are preparing a lot, but Cookie vanilla is sold out today 🙇‍♀️💦 ・ The jelly soda in this image is also sold out !! Outside, it's so hot that I also want to drink jelly soda from Shuwa Shuwa Pururun ♪ ・・ ToDay, For the first time in a long time, regulars got along with their grandchildren, Regular customers who always talk with us, For those who have been taking care of it on Instagram since the beginning of OPEN When, ・ It […]

Oizumi Forest Yoga ~ Aroma Lotion Making & Aroma Yoga

After making an aroma spray, let's relax with yoga while being healed by the scent 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ After refreshing with yoga, how about a healthy lunch provided by the cafeteria cafe and Cafe La Mer 🍛✨ (* Additional charges apply) 🌼 🍀 🌼 🍀 🌼 ★ Date and time: Saturday, June 20, 2019, 10:00 to 11:30 9:30 meeting and reception at the management office ★ Venue: Oizumi Ryokuchi Training Room * Reception meeting place is the management office ★ Capacity: 15 people (high school students and above) ★ Participation fee: 1,000 yen Separately 850 yen for those who wish for after lunch ※ ☆ Menu: Healthy tofu and beans Keema curry […]


Hemerocallis is in bloom ✨ The place is the garden of Mokorebi, which is located in the west of the central flowerbed, across the garden road of the sheep plaza. It is a flower that blooms in early summer, and the contrast between fresh green and orange is very gorgeous 😊💚 The Komorebi Garden is mainly managed by the volunteer group "Oizumi Ryokuchi Herb Friendship Club", and many herbs and flowers are planted in addition to Hemerocalis! #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Hemerocallis

Smoke tree

The smoke tree is in full bloom in front of the gateway and the 13th toilet on the south side of the contact garden! The muffled part is the stem part that supports the flower called the flower pattern (kahei). The stems that grow after the flowers have bloomed look like smoke 🌫 It is a symbol of the Fureai Garden entrance in the early summer, and it is a popular flowering tree among visitors 🌟 #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Smoke tree # Another name is Kemlinoki

Hana Pomegranate

Hana pomegranate is blooming in front of the 4th toilet on the north side of the 3rd parking lot! Speaking of pomegranate, I imagine a lot of cracked fruits, but this is a horticultural variety for watching flowers and it is not true. The vermilion double petals shine against the fresh green and attract your eyes ❤️💚 #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Pomegranate


Gypsophila is blooming in the flowerbed on the north side of Shikisaien ✨ Since a myriad of white flowers look like fluffy hazes from a distance, the kanji is also written as "haze grass." In addition, one of the English names has a cute name "baby's breath", which is a literal translation "baby's breath" ☺️ It is a classic flower that you often see in bouquets, and there are many people who feel familiar with it 💐💐💐 #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Gypsophila #babysbreath

Wild strawberry 🍓

Wild strawberry bears fruit in the petting garden and kitchen yard 🍓💕 White and small flowers are also in bloom, and the appearance alongside the red fruits is very cute. Since it is a plant in the kitchen garden, you can of course eat fruits 🍓, but it seems that you can also dry the leaves and make herbal tea 😳 It's a perfect plant for the kitchen garden! #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Fureai Garden #Wild strawberry

Sheep open space

Japanese eels are blooming in the sheep square ✨ It's planted in the center of the plaza, and I think it's difficult to see the flowers themselves up close, so I'll send you photos! Actually I wanted to shoot a set of sheep and eel, but … I went home like the third one … sorry … 😢 🐑🍀🐑 The photos of sheep and eels were taken by another staff member on May 14th, so I'll put them in the fourth one! It's cute that I'm looking straight at the camera 🥰 #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Utsugi #Sheep # Sheep are also stay home