August issue of Oizumi Ryokuchi

Seasonal deliveries in the park! The August issue of Oizumi Ryokuchi News has been published 🌟 The cover is a morning glory from the classic horticultural plant exhibition in the oyster garden last year. Parky is also sprinkled with water to prevent heat 💦 In August, we plan to hold a workshop that will be useful for free research and crafts! Also, aroma yoga will be held as in June, so please check it out 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ Flower information for the best time is also posted! Please use it for a walk in Oizumi green space in summer 🍀 ▶Please go to each issue back number (official website) of Oizumi Ryokuchi […]

We held “How to make, raise and enjoy moss balls”

On Sunday, June 28th, a seminar "How to make, raise and enjoy moss balls" was held. First, after learning about the moss ball boom and its transition, I studied the merits of decorating indoor plants such as moss balls. And finally to make moss balls! This time we will make moss balls with bamboo grass. Moss balls are an alternative to potted plants, and this time the basis was work gloves! After moving the bamboo grass into the work gloves and fixing it with thread, I wound more thread to fix the moss on the surface. A moss ball with a graceful appearance that doesn't look like work gloves was […]

Pepper Pepper

Pepper red peppers are bearing fruit in the petting garden. As the name suggests, an ornamental capsicum fruit with various colors 🌶 In the contact garden, we confirmed red, orange, and purple 🔎✨ The glossy fruit stands out especially in the flowerbed! #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Pepper


Nemoki flowers are blooming along the stream flowing from Tosen Pond to Nakamuraguchi! The pink flowers swaying in the wind are fantastic and look great in the blue sky too. There is a theory that the origin of the name is that the leaves close like sleep when approaching the night. It is a flower tree that has been sung as a "nebu" from the many-leaf collection in the old days 📜 #Oizumi green space #Nemoki

We held “aroma lotion making & aroma yoga”♪

"Oizumi Forest Yoga Aroma Lotion & Aroma Yoga" was held on Saturday, June 20 ✨ First, make aroma spray and aroma lotion! I made a room spray using tea tree etc. with antibacterial action and my own aroma lotion 🥰 Yoga is relaxing with deep breath while the scent of aroma drifts ✨ During the rainy season, water tends to accumulate in the body, so I mainly focused on poses with a detox effect 🧘‍♂️ Deep breath and poses detox your body and soul. Could you heal your corona fatigue a little? ✨ 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️ ✨ Next time, we will hold aroma yoga with the same composition on Saturday, August […]


Gardenia is blooming in the grasslands in the southwest of Adventure Land! There is a theory that the name "gardenia" was derived from the fact that the fruit did not open, but this gardenia is a variety for gardening that does not bear fruit in the first place. It's not true, but it has gorgeous double-flowered flowers and has a strong scent. ✨ Some flowers are starting to turn brown, but you can still see the buds, so please enjoy the scent too!🥰 #Oizumi Ryokuchi # Gardenia


Lotus flowers are in full bloom at Oizumiike ✨ The photo was taken today from around 10 am from the Fureai Garden and Hasumi Bridge. Lotus is blooming in the morning, so it is recommended to see it in the morning 🌟 By the way, it is said that the flowers that are blooming even in the afternoon are scattered flowers. As I said before, there are relatively more flowers and buds remaining than usual, so I think they will continue to bloom in the future! #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Lotus #lotus


Agapanthus flowers are blooming everywhere in the park. The mauve flowers with elegant coolness bloom, and the gorgeousness that catches your eyes while walking is attractive 💜 The places I introduced this time are as follows, but you can also see buds on the west side of the management office that are also blooming on the green road ☺️ (1st and 2nd sheet) Fureai Garden (3rd and 4th sheet) A wooded area that descends southward from "Tree no Michi" on the east side of the sheep plaza #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Agapanthus

[!! Important Notice (6/19 update)!!]

Although the government's declaration of an emergency situation in Osaka Prefecture has been lifted, as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, the free BBQ will not be available in the designated area in the park for the time being. ◇ ◇ ◇ From June 21st (Sun), the Flower and Green Counseling Center will open. Please note the following when using the service. ★To prevent the spread of infection, we will continue to suspend the consultation corner when you are seated. *For gardening consultations, please call or email as much as possible. ★Please note that if the product is face-to-face, it will be handled through the splash […]

The best time to see lotus!

Introducing the lotus picture of Oizumiike taken today! I could see a lot of large buds 📸 According to the Flower and Green Counseling Center, it may start blooming tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Lotus is a flower that blooms in the morning. How about Oizumi Ryokuchi for a morning walk?🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️ #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Lotus #lotus