Daffodil ♪

White narcissus clusters are reaching their best in various places in the park! Meanwhile, yellow narcissus is at its best in the contact garden ♪ Please enjoy the yellow flowers blooming against the backdrop of Oizumi Pond and the open sky ☆ #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Narcissus #Contact garden

Disaster prevention exhibition

Did you know that Oizumi Ryokuchi is a disaster prevention park? We are exhibiting goods and panels related to disaster prevention at the "Disaster Prevention Exhibition" now! By preparing for disasters on a daily basis, you will be able to act quickly in an emergency. The details are as follows. —– Period: January 12 (Sun)-January 29 (Wed) Place: Flower and green consultation office display corner #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Flower and green consultation office

January 17 (Fri)

25 years have passed since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake on January 17 (Fri). Today, we conducted an earthquake and tsunami disaster countermeasure drill in anticipation of a holiday and a Nankai Trough huge earthquake jointly with Osaka Prefecture. We conducted training for the establishment and operation of the Disaster Response Headquarters, and also confirmed on-site the function of Oizumi Ryokuchi as a disaster prevention park, raising awareness so that we can move quickly in the event of an emergency. #Oizumi Ryokuchi


Camellia is beginning to bloom on the south side of toilet 11! Camellia is easily crossed and cross-fruited by cross-pollination, so it is easy for the flower color and flower type to change, breeding has been performed since ancient times, and it seems that there are more than 2,000 species today! It begins to bloom every year when the cold weather becomes severe, so it may represent a harsh winter! Please enjoy the flowers with different colors and patterns little by little, such as red and light red ♪ #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Camellia

“Sound” theme!

I'm surprised to hear! Sound from plants? The wonder of We are currently exhibiting the theme of "sound" at the Flower and Green Consultation Center. Processing plants, such as the sound of waves and the sound of birds, will allow you to make various sounds! Also this time, a charcoal using Bincho charcoal from Wakayama and with the cooperation of Bincho charcoal company in Wakayama Prefecture is exhibited. The scale is also adjusted, so hit it freely and play music! #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Flower and green consultation office

Hanana flowering!

Hanana (aka Nanohana, Navana) is blooming yellow flowers in the contact garden ♪ The flowers did not bloom in 2019, but the flowering has progressed at a stretch since the new year ♪ Cold days are likely to continue, but you can feel the early spring when you see the yellow flowers of Hanana! #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Hana

Narcissus begins to bloom

Daffodil is beginning to bloom in various places in the park including the central rest area west ♪ The most powerful when the flowers are in full bloom is the colony on the west side of the central rest area, but you can see the narcissus clusters in various places in the park, including along the trees on the south side of toilet # 10! Looking forward to future growth ☆ #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Narcissus

Let’s make a mini kadomatsu

December 22nd (Sun), "Let's Make Mini Kadomatsu" Seminar was held. First of all, listen to the explanation about Kadomatsu and confirm the materials. First, polish the bamboo. After that, we will work separately on fan, kite making, bamboo and habotan planting! Decorate with lucky charms such as Nanten, plum, pine, bamboo grass, and kite! Did you decorate the mini kadomatsu made on Oizumi Ryokuchi in the New Year? #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Flower and green consultation office