[Nemophila is in full bloom] BBQ is also available!

The weekend was a pleasant, cloudless sunny day ☀️ As I mentioned the other day, the nemophila in Shikisaien is in full bloom 😃 * It seems that it will be in full bloom a little earlier than other facilities. We will deliver a photo of Oizumi Ryokuchi on Saturday along with other scenery in the park! We have received many inquiries, but at present, BBQ is available in Oizumi Ryokuchi, including paid and free. However, please take measures against the new coronavirus infectious disease, such as protecting the mask dinner for 4 or less people, except for the assistance of family members, infants / children, the elderly / disabled […]

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom ♪ (March 31)

Today is the last day of Reiwa 2nd year ☺️ I think there are many people who will jump into a new world from tomorrow. Those who work hard in the same environment will also change their minds! Do you feel like that? Many unexpected events have occurred due to the effects of the new infectious disease, but I hope your new days from tomorrow will be wonderful. Please come and visit Oizumi Ryokuchi again in the new year ♪ The cherry blossoms are in full bloom ~~~ 🌸🌸🌸

[Notice] THE MOONLIT PARK oizumi Light up and garden event ♪

We will carry out the annual spring contact garden illumination! Please enjoy the fantastic space in the season when the most flowers are in full bloom. In addition, a concert will be held ♪ To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we will perform at the Central Rest House on the west side of the Fureai Garden 🌙 Japanese musical instruments are scheduled for this spring, so don't miss it 🌸 ▶ For details, see the image or Official homepage please look at.

We cut the hair of the sheep once a year ☆

Yukino Yamamoto, who was active in New Zealand and Australia, was in charge of hair cutting! I cut my hair in the order of Daichi, Izumi, and Midori , but I was wondering if everyone was comfortable … 😌 Cut the hair into a single piece like a blanket! Professional skill! !! It seems that each head has 2 to 3 kg of hair. The sheep are refreshing, aren't they? 🐑 🐑 🐑 By the way, the cut sheep's hair is used every year at the wool craft workshop. http://fb.com/3501571166606628

[Oizumi Ryokuchi Original Calendar] Now on sale!

This calendar, which uses photographs of Oizumi Ryokuchi in each season, is surprisingly practical because it is perfectly compatible with irregular holidays. It will start in April, so be sure to accompany your new life 💪 It is sold for 300 yen at the Oizumi Ryokuchi Management Office window along with other craft materials using thinned wood ♪ * These sales will be returned to the maintenance cost of the park 🌳

[La Mer] The terrace seats are OK ♪

This is the poster posted on the bulletin board in the park ⭐️ I would be happy if many visitors could know about Lamer, so I asked the people in the Oizumi Ryokuchi office to post it. Lamer is really supported by many people including customers, so I can do my best with Lamer every day 🥺💕 Thank you for your continued support 😄✨✨