Did you know that it is designated as a disaster prevention park?

Did you know that Oizumi Ryokuchi is designated as a disaster prevention park? An inspection of the emergency private power generator was carried out on Thursday, July 30. The inspection work is conducted once a month to confirm that it operates without problems in an emergency. This generator can cover most of the electric system including street lights in the park. This makes it possible to play the role of a disaster prevention park in an emergency 💡 Immediately after the operation, black smoke appears in addition to the roaring sound, so I'm sorry if you surprised me… (Please be assured that white smoke will immediately appear as in the […]

《News from Oizumi Greenery》 September issue

Deliver the season of the park! The September issue of Oizumi Ryokuchi News has been published✨ The front cover is popular for its unique atmosphere! Parky-kun is the one who uses autumn with acorns and ginkgo leaves 🍂 And in September, there are lots of events ☝️✨ Every year, we plan to hold classes such as making leases that are popular, tree climbing, and even yoga at the central flowerbed 🍀 Event reception starts one month ago, so check it out in August! ▶Oizumi Ryokuchi Newsletter back number 📚 Official homepage Please


You can see Himamegama at the water in the large pergola. The brown ears like sausage are impressive 🌭 It seems that fluffy fluff comes out in the fall 🍀 Shiokara dragonfly was flying nearby today (2nd image)


Starlings are blooming on the south side of the ball game square! The green scorpion that I introduced before was pure white single and double, but this is a white variety characterized by pink double and center red ✨. The green road is located on the west side of Oizumi Ryokuchi, so if you often use the east side of the park, we recommend the ball game open space. ▶ Click here for green path

Revisiting the sheep

We revisited the sheep on Tuesday, July 21. Cut your hooves that weren't feeling well! It is safe to apply medicine for protection 😌 Please keep warmly watching the sheep. The third image is a gluttonous shot with hay on the face 📸 Even if I didn't desperately eat so much, there was plenty of rice…! ▶ The state of the last medical examination From here

We hold “large flower, change Asagao”!

[Notice] We will hold the exhibition "Large flowers and changing morning glory" of classical garden plants ! We will exhibit various types of morning glory at Kakitsubata Garden! A large-colored variety that is larger and more colorful than the common morning glory called Owa morning glory, and at first glance it does not look like a morning glory! ? Many varieties such as changing morning glory will be exhibited. Enjoy old and new, special morning glory ♪ 🍀 🍀 🍀 Holding period: July 30th (Thursday) to August 30th (Sunday) Time: 9am-5pm Place: Oizumi Ryokuchi Kakitsubataen Exhibited at the exhibition hut *The period may change without notice depending on the flowering […]


Licorice (Natsuzuisen) is blooming in the forest on the east side of the petting garden 💛 According to the Flower and Green Counseling Office, it will finish blooming in about a week, but depending on the year, another individual may bloom in a few weeks. (*The photo was taken on July 22.) By the way, it is also a member of Higanbana, which also becomes a poisonous plant ☠️ Please do not touch it and observe it gently 🔎

~The fountain has begun~

The fountain at Kanaokaguchi started operating from July 23! The wall spring of Naughty Land also started with a summer vacation shortened ver.! It's only available in summer, but I hope you can feel a little cool 🌊 *The photo is of the fountain trial run in June this year. [Kanaokaguchi fountain] Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only until Sunday, August 30 * [Naughty Land Wall Fountain] Every day until Sunday, August 16 * *It may be canceled due to rain etc.


You can see camellia fruits on the north side of Futaki Bridge! The cute red fruits are pretty 🤗 In the fall, it cracks and becomes a material for camellia oil. I introduced it because I occasionally get inquiries ~ 🌟