On October 25th (Sun), we held a seminar "Let's make a hanging basket!" 💐 A hanging basket is a type of interior green that plants and decorates in a container that can be hung in the air, such as a hanging basket. After studying how to choose and care for flowers, we will actually make them! We also made our own unique bowls! A class where pots are made, planted, and everything is handmade. A nice hanging basket is completed 🌟

<< Introducing work in Oizumi Ryokuchi >>

It is a work scene until the broken tile in front of the ball game square returns like the first one. In addition to aging, these tiles may crack when workers or ambulances pass by. It's very dangerous, so I put a new tile on it today to repair it. Due to the work of the staff's uncle, the tiles are restored so beautifully that you can not tell where they are broken ✨ ✨ People often ask me, "What do you do when you work in a park?", But I'm doing a lot of work so that everyone can use it with peace of mind 💪

<< "Autumn Flower Tanken Corps" was held >>

A workshop "Autumn Flower Tanken Corps" was held on October 18th (Sun) ♪ The instructor is Mr. Terada, who is familiar with the column in "Oizumi Ryokuchi News" ♪ After studying with materials and potted plants at the beginning, go for a walk in the main garden 🚶🚶‍♀️ I learned about autumn plants while actually touching and smelling them, along with the teacher's commentary. There are more than 20 kinds of plants explained locally this time! If you become familiar with flowers, your usual walk will be fun 🍄

《Free BBQ has resumed in a part of the designated area in the park》

Today's Oizumi Ryokuchi had a strong wind, but it was a pleasant sunny day ♪ The cosmos field in Hanaizumi's garden is in full bloom! The stainless steel slide of Adventure Land was repaired yesterday and was used by many people. In addition, free BBQ has resumed in some of the designated areas in the park from today. ▶ For details Official HP Please from 🍄🍄🍄 The Fureai Garden will be lit up from 17:00 to 19:30 today, so don't miss it 🌙 (Article reprinted on October 24)

Ginmokusei and Kinmokusei

Ginmokusei is blooming on the east side of the Adventure Land star-shaped shelter. Osmanthus fragrans, which is familiar with its orange blossoms and scent, is a variant of this ginmokusei. Ginmokusei does not have as strong aroma as Kinmokusei, but you can enjoy a faintly sweet scent when approaching 😌 By the way, Kinmokusei is in full bloom from the north side of the autumn leaves bridge to the octagonal flowerbed ✨ (4th image)

<< Notice >> THE MOONLIT PARK oizumi (10 / 23-10 / 25)

We will hold a light-up event in the autumn contact garden this year as well. ✨ An olive oil squeezing experience and a garden concert will also be held! 💐 Please enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the garden! 🌙 🌙 🌙 * The event will be canceled in case of rain. * Details are subject to change. * From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus, participants are requested to check their body temperature and wear a mask. * The photo is from a previous year.


Cosmos is in full bloom in the garden of Hanaizumi on the north side of the first parking lot! Especially the north side is in full bloom, and it is a beautiful flower field! Unfortunately it was raining today, but please drop in on a sunny day 😊 * All photos were taken on October 16th.


The scent of osmanthus is floating in the park The photo shows the area around the octagonal flowerbed and the Kinmokusei at Kanaokaguchi. I couldn't confirm the flowering, but as of today, the buds were quite bulging! I think you can enjoy the scent enough ❣️

《“Making a decorative dish with lemongrass!” Was held >>

On October 11th (Sun), we held a seminar "Making decorations with lemongrass!" The instructor is Maki Kobayashi, a volunteer group of Oizumi Ryokuchi "Oizumi Ryokuchi Herb Tomo no Kai". We knit colorful paper yarns into a broom-shaped lemongrass. In between the work, take a break with lemongrass tea prepared by Herb Tomo no Kai ☕️ During the class, there was a fluffy and refreshing scent of lemon in the room 😌 Please enjoy the scent at home.