“News from Oizumi Ryokuchi” February issue

We send season of park!
February issue of "News from Oizumi Ryokuchi"!
The cover of the February issue is Ume! Every year around February, the plum forest of white ume seen beside Futaikebashi is a masterpiece ☆
You can see the Oizumi Ryokuchi Newsletter's February issue and the January issue of the previous month from the Oizumi Ryokuchi official website ♪
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◆ Shikisaien Spring Volunteer & Art Festival
It will be a March event, but this year we will also hold the "Shisaisaien Spring Volunteer & Art Festival"!
There are plenty of fun events such as experience booths, photo exhibitions, music performances using crafts and natural things! It will be held at Shikisaien from 11:00 to 14:00 on March 29 (Sun).
Free participation fee, no prior reservation required, please feel free to drop in ♪

The "Oizumi Ryokuchi Newsletter" is distributed not only on the homepage but also at management offices, flower and green counseling offices, and the Kita Ward Office in Sakai City. Please take a look once
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