Best time to see (May 30)

Plant name: Smoke tree Best time to see: From mid-May to early July

The floral pattern of the smoke tree looks like smoke.

Smoke tree is a deciduous small tree of the genus Smoketree in the family Rhus family.

The Japanese name is "Smoke Tree". Alternatively, it is also called "Hagmanoki (white bear tree)".

It is a dioecious tree and blooms very small, yellow-green, inconspicuous flowers around the beginning of May. When the flowers are finished, the peduncle of the female tree grows like a thread and the entire inflorescence looks like smoke, but the male tree has a short inflorescence and does not become smoke-like.


In Oizumi Ryokuchi, there are two types of smoky floral patterns, red and yellow-green, which can be seen in Fureai Garden and Shikisaien.

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