[Notice] Looking for a cat

We will also exhibit materials on cat problems in Oizumi Ryokuchi. Please see the image for the contents of the event. 🐾 🐾 🐾 date held: Saturday, September 5, 2020 Saturday, October 3, 2020 Saturday, November 7, 2020 Holding time: 13:30 to 15:30 Venue: Oizumi Ryokuchi Seminar Room Organizer: Tomorrow for this child Management: Cat Home Search Cooperation: Oizumi Ryokuchi Management Office Contact: poptoy_r@yahoo.co.jp *Please contact the above for details on the day of "Finding a Cat @ Oizumi Ryokuchi". 🐾 🐾 🐾

Please be careful of trees with a crack

Discovering an unnatural tree in Futtsugaoka 🔎 In the second piece of the image, we also confirmed a crack in the bark. *The second sheet has been color adjusted for easy understanding. Is it due to the upcoming Kaminari etc…? I suspect that ⚡️ ◆◆◆ Trees judged to be dangerous will be processed one after another. Please be careful when observing nature, and make sure that trees with danger tapes or other signs do not come close to the spots ⚠️


You can see the brush tree at the central rest area and behind Lamer! As its name suggests, it is a flower that resembles a brush for washing bottles. It usually bloomed around May, and it was confirmed that it bloomed again in early summer this year, but it seems to have bloomed again 😲 Red flowers often shine in the blue sky in summer 🌈

“News from Oizumi Ryokuchi” October issue

Deliver the season of the park! The October issue of Oizumi Ryokuchi News is published. The cover is colored acorns 🍂🍂 Parky-kun is trying to chorus because it is the autumn of art ♪ In October, we plan to light up the contact garden ✨ Would you like to be healed in the fantastic garden of contact? Also, the last episode of the Oizumi Forest yoga series, "Twilight Yoga"! Let's refresh while watching the sunset from the central flowerbed. In addition, it is full of highlight information! Please enjoy Oizumi Ryokuchi during the holiday season 🍁

<> Business Calendar for September

Hello 😆 It was scary to take a shower today too! ・ Outside, from cicada seminar BGM has changed♪♪” ・ You can feel the autumn feeling just by listening to your ears 🍁 ・ But tomorrow it's still forecast for the heat wave 😫 Get cool soon 😩!! ・・ It is a business calendar for September 🙋‍♀️ I look forward to next month too 😋💕 ▶ Oizumi Green Space Lamer

Oizumi Pond Lotus

The big lotus of Oizumi Pond is its large leaves! To manage the lotus properly, we regularly cut lotus during this period. It is necessary to mow the roots to prevent overgrowth, but the depth of Oizumi Pond is quite good. The second image was taken about 10 years ago when Oizumi Pond was drained, but you can see that it is more than the depth of one adult. Carefully mowed using a boat 🛶🌊

Tree climbing

<<Updated at 14:00 on August 27: Waiting for cancellation each time Will be [Received today from 10:00] Tree climbing in Oizumi Held on Sunday, September 27! *Cancelled in case of rain Let's get in touch with the nature of Oizumi green space! 🌳 🌳 🌳 【meeting time】 9:15 Meeting 9:30 start (travel time 15 minutes) ~ 11:30 12:30 Meeting 12:45 start (travel time 15 minutes) ~ 14:45 14:45 Meeting 15:00 start (travel time 15 minutes) ~ 17:00 *The time required is about 2 hours each time.*Please take the thermometer by yourself on the morning of the day. *Please refrain from participation if you have a fever or cold on the […]

Crape myrtle (North side of parking lot 1)

Following yesterday, today's introduction of crape myrtle ✨ This is the pink crape myrtle blooming in the garden of Hanaizumi, on the north side of the 1st parking lot. The color is not on the south side of the outdoor furnace, and its lowness is also characteristic 😲 It blooms at a height of less than 2m, so it is recommended for viewing and shooting! According to the Flower and Green Counseling Center, it is probable that this crape myrtle was brought by birds and other species.