Congratulations on “Oizumi Ryokuchi Herb Friendship Club”!!

Volunteer group "Oizumi Ryokuchi Herb Tomo no Kai", who is active in Oizumi Ryokuchi, received the Green Ribbon in the spring of Reiwa 2 ㊗️ The Green Ribbon Medal is given to those who have achieved outstanding results by engaging in volunteer activities.In addition to 23 years of regular activities such as management of "Komorebi no Niwa", participation in events, seminars and exhibitions, etc. , Each activity through herbs was evaluated and was accepted. Congratulations to all of the Oizumi Ryokuchi Herb Friends Association ✨✨ 🌿 🌿 🌿 Today, the ceremony was held at the Oizumi Ryokuchi Central Rest Area/Course Room, and the Honor Civil Engineering Office/Director Okada delivered the […]


In front of the sports house, gourd fruits have begun to grow! The gourd, a small child, is pretty with bushy hair and ☺️ There are male flowers (2nd) and female flowers (3rd) in gourds. Can you see the difference? The female flower has a plump bulge (kobo) at the root of the flower, and if pollination is successful, it will become the first gourd fruit 🍀 The gourd is still growing, please keep warm and watch it 🌱🌱🌱 #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Gourd

“Flower and Green Counseling Center” Flower information, updated ♪

We updated flower information of Oizumi Ryokuchi. Plant name: Lotus Best time to see: From mid-June to late July Lotus flowers are blooming in Oizumi Pond. Lotus is an aquatic plant that has been cultivated since ancient times in the lotus genus Lotus. (In some cases, it is classified as a water lily.) Tubers are made in the soil on the bottom of the water, and the leaves and flower stems are extended to the surface of the water. The tubers made in the soil are known as "lotus root" of vegetables, but the lotus in the Oizumi green space is a variety made for the purpose of enjoying the […]


Lavender is blooming in the petting garden and in the scented garden. It is a representative of the plants called herbs, and its fragrance is said to have a high relaxing effect 😌✨ It is often used in aroma oils and air fresheners, but please enjoy the scent of the actual flowers as well 💜

Nozomi vine

A moss vine is blooming in a large pergola! Flower language "fame" "honor" Is because the shape of the flower resembles a trumpet that plays fanfare 📯 Brighten up your resting place with vivid red and green 🌺🌺 #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Panthera #Rest area with green

“News from Oizumi Ryokuchi July issue”

Seasonal deliveries in the park! The July issue of Oizumi Ryokuchi has been published! The front cover is the lotus of Oizumiike and Parky-kun in the costume of "Amabier" which became a hot topic this year! This month's issue has been printed as usual, so we ask that each facility also arrange it. Information on flowers in full bloom is also posted, so please fully enjoy the summer Oizumi green space ✨ Back numbers of each issue of Oizumi Ryokuchi 📖 are available on the official website. #Oizumi Ryokuchi

[Important Notice (6/12 update)]

Although the government has released the declaration of emergency to Osaka Prefecture, the following facilities in the park cannot be used for the time being as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. Regarding the resumption of use, Osaka Prefecture will judge it based on the infection situation. ◆◆◆ ❌ Flower and Green Counseling Center *Gardening consultation is possible by phone or email. ❌ Free BBQ in the designated area in the park ◆◆◆ From June 13, the following BBQ facilities are available in addition to the field reactor. ⭕️ Good BBQ Oizumi Ryokuchi (hand-held BBQ) *There are some precautions to take when using this service to […]


Gaura has begun to bloom in Hanaizumi's garden. One of the features is that the flowering period is long, so you don't have to come to see it in a hurry~😊 By the way, the staff in charge said, "Pink gaura is recommended! 👍", but which one do you prefer? #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Gaura

You can also see the hydrangea “Love Story”

Various hydrangea will welcome you at the management office♪ This is a hydrangea that the staff of the counselor took great care to display in the "Introduction of Hydrangea" in the closed flower and green counseling center 💛 Also horticultural varieties such as "Koimonogatari" There are many exhibitions, so be sure to check it out when you visit the management office~🍀 By the way, it will be exhibited at the sports house soon! #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Hydrangea


Various hydrangeas are in full bloom along the stream ✨ There are many shades along the stream, so it's relatively cool, and it's recommended to take a walk while listening to the murmuring of the water. The second hydrangea that I happened to find was a bit like a heart…? Please try to find along the stream 💙💜 #Oizumi Ryokuchi #Hydrangea # Heart-shaped hydrangea