[Currently being held] Classical horticultural plant exhibition Sasanqua

We are exhibiting Sasanqua in the exhibition hut in the Kakitsubata garden! Sasanqua is a plant that blooms in order from autumn to spring. It colors the Kakitsubata Garden, which tends to be a murderous landscape in the cold season 😊 The pots on display will be replaced, so you can enjoy it for a long time ♪ We will keep you posted on Facebook as well! ◆◆◆ Period: Until around April 3rd year of Reiwa Place: Exhibition hut in Kakitsubata Garden Time: 09:00 to 17:00 * The period may change without notice depending on the flowering situation.

《“Frame planter and group planting” was held ♪》

We held a seminar "Picture Frame Planter and Group Planting" on November 1st (Sun) ♪ Choose from 8 colors to paint the frame. Create a planter with a plastic bottle while waiting for it to dry ✂️ Once the work is complete, it's time to start the group planting work! This time, we made a group plant with three types of garden cyclamen, caruna, and hatsuyuki kazura. The interior green looks like the picture is completed ✨ Please enjoy displaying various flowers!

Idesia polycarpa

You can see the fruit of Idesia polycarpa on the west side of Karotoike! The red fruits that hang down like grapes are eye-catching 🍇 The fruits remain even after the leaves have fallen, so the red fruits are even more noticeable, making it easier to find birds. By the way, the kanji is written as "Iigiri", and there is a theory that it originated from wrapping rice in leaves 🍚


Sweetgum is turning red next to Good BBQ Oizumi Ryokuchi! As the name suggests, it is a tree of the Altingiaceae family with leaves shaped like a maple. Maple is a different member because it belongs to the Aceraceae family, but the appearance of the large leaves coloring makes me feel autumn like maple ☺️ * The photo was taken on October 31st.

“December issue of Oizumi Ryokuchi News”

Delivering the season of the park! The December issue of Oizumi Ryokuchi News has been published. The cover is Oizumi Ryokuchi's idol, sheep ~ 🐑 The December class has a lineup of classes for making New Year's accessories. The annual "Christmas Fantasy" will also exhibit the work of "Let's make a stump Santa" held in November, so those who participated should check it out ~ 🎅 Of course, the flowers and trees in full bloom and columns are also posted ❣️ Thank you for visiting Oizumi Ryokuchi in winter ♪ ▶ Back numbers Official homepage Please from ♪

《Opening Stage III of Memory》

The fallen trees will be displayed so that you can remember the damage caused by Typhoon Jebi, which caused enormous damage to the Kinki region on September 4, 2018, and observe the roots of trees that you cannot usually see. We have opened the third place of the "Memory Stage", an initiative to leave in the park. Unlike the previous two locations, "Memory Stage III" is a resting facility for people who normally use "Tree Michi". The fallen tree is processed at the same location and installed as a stool log. Did. The preservative applied is almost transparent, so you can feel the texture of the tree itself. The place […]

《Autumn leaves spot in Oizumi Ryokuchi》

November has begun! Today's Oizumi Ryokuchi has a relatively comfortable climate, and many visitors came. The photo is from around Adventure Land, and the trees are gradually changing colors 🍂🍂 Information on the autumn leaves spots and best time to see in Oizumi Ryokuchi is also posted on our website! ▶ Please use it as a reference for your walk https://www.osaka-park.or.jp/…/oizumi/migoronohana_000.htm (Reprinted on November 1st)