[Aloe flower]

Do you know what this red plant is? The correct answer is aloe flowers! Candelabra aloe is blooming in the garden of contact and kitchen ✨ ✨ Aloe may not have much image of flowers, but it brightly colors midwinter with few flowers! By the way, Candelabra aloe is often useful for medicinal purposes 💊

[Bald cypress was transplanted]

Bald cypress was transplanted on Wednesday, January 20th! The Bald Cypress next to Soike Bridge is a giant tree that is 4 to 5 meters long, but its roots were also excellent …! The roots that form the axis are thick and large, and three adults managed to cut it, and finally it was able to be lifted! It is transplanted to the north side of the octagonal flowerbed, so please watch until it takes root.

[Continued Winter Oizumi Ryokuchi Photo Exhibition]

"Winter Oizumi Ryokuchi Photo Exhibition" is being held at the Flower and Greenery Counseling Center / Exhibition Corner! We have the cooperation of the volunteer group Oizumi Green Photo Club. Originally it was held last month, but it was suspended due to the construction of air conditioning equipment, and this time it will be the "continuation" of revenge! The number of visitors tends to decrease in winter, but please see the charm of winter in the unknown Oizumi Ryokuchi ☺️ ☃️☃️☃️ ❄️✨ Period: January 9th (Sat) -January 30th (Sat) Place: Exhibition corner in the flower and green counseling center * Until 16:00 on the last day ✨❄️

Roses too. ..

Today's Oizumi Ryokuchi is warm and cheerful ☀️ With the warmth that makes me want to move outside, I saw more people taking a walk in the park in the evening. The photo was taken at the central flower bed! Perhaps because of the cheerfulness, some white roses that bloom in four seasons are also in bloom ☺


Pink snapdragons are blooming in the garden of contact! The soft and beautiful pink color is eye-catching 💖 Although it looks pretty, it is a variety that is quite resistant to the cold and colors the garden in winter.

Japanese allspice

Japanese allspice is blooming on the green road ✨ As the Chinese character name "Roume", it blooms small flowers that are glossy and transparent like wax work. It is a precious flower that will entertain you with its beautiful appearance and mellow scent in early winter when there are few flowers 💛 In addition to being planted beside the rest area near the intersection, there are shrubs as shown in the 4th image, so please look for them ☺


Rosemary flowers are blooming in the garden of contact and the scented garden! This plant, which is familiar as an aroma and edible herb, blooms small blue flowers 💙 There is a theory that the name is Latin and "Umino Sizuku" ♪