Information on facilities that are resuming use

You've entered summer vacation. It's hot every day, but isn't it hot in the summer? Due to the extension of priority measures such as prevention of spread, BBQ in the free BBQ area is currently prohibited in Oizumi Ryokuchi, but GoodBBQ Oizumi Ryokuchi and outdoor furnaces can be used. Playing equipment such as slides is also hot in this heat, so you need to be careful when playing, but you want to feel cool in a cool place such as a shade of a tree or a stream. Facility usage status: ■ Facilities that have resumed use from Saturday, July 17th ・ GoodBBQ Oizumi Ryokuchi ・ Outdoor furnace ■ Facilities […]


On Saturday, June 12, 3rd year of Reiwa, the sheep "Midori" died. Midori was born on March 24, 2011, and came to Oizumi Ryokuchi in the same year. We have survived more than 10 years of life with the love of the sheep caretakers and many visitors. Thank you to everyone who watched over Midori. ▶ Oizumi Ryokuchi

[Hydrangea is in full bloom]

Hello! The weather was fine today and it became hot. Everyone, please be careful about heat stroke. By the way, today is also "Flower information in full bloom". "Hydrangea (white)" is in full bloom in "Shikisaien" and "Water flow area". Hydrangea also comes in a variety of colors, but what color do you like? We will also introduce hydrangeas of other colors, so please look forward to it!

[Nemophila is in full bloom] BBQ is also available!

The weekend was a pleasant, cloudless sunny day ☀️ As I mentioned the other day, the nemophila in Shikisaien is in full bloom ♪ * It seems that it will be in full bloom a little earlier than other facilities. We will deliver a photo of Oizumi Ryokuchi on Saturday along with other scenery in the park! We have received many inquiries, but at present, BBQ is available in Oizumi Ryokuchi, including paid and free. However, please take measures against the new coronavirus infectious disease, such as protecting the mask dinner for 4 or less people, except for the assistance of family members, infants / children, the elderly / persons […]

[Oizumi no Mori Yoga ♪ Notice of Fresh Green Yoga]

"Oizumi no Mori Yoga" will start in 2021! ‼ Yoga in the refreshing fresh green on the beautiful lawn of the central flower bed. Starting today, we are accepting calls at the phone numbers listed below! [Notice of Hattori Ryokuchi] Hattori Ryokuchi, which is one of the four major green spaces like Oizumi Ryokuchi and also practices yoga, has an official YouTube channel. In addition, Instagram is also open at the Hattori Ryokuchi Urban Greenery Botanical Garden. Please take a look at the spectacular videos and photos. ★ Date and time: May 15th (Sat), 3rd year of Reiwa 10: 00-11: 00 * Meeting / reception at 9:30 at […]

[Water lily is in full bloom]

Good morning. The weather is nice and it's easy to spend. By the way, today is the best time to see the flowers. "Water lily" is in full bloom in the small pond in the "large pergola" in the park. When you go to the big pergola, please stop by and take a look. (Article reprinted on June 5) ▶ Oizumi Ryokuchi

[Banana juice START!]

START from June! Banana juice It is a thick and rich banana juice 💛 If you order Food & Egg Waffle (including half size), you can order it at a set price of 100 yen discount for ¥ 300. There are various toppings, so please customize and enjoy ♪ You can choose your favorite ice cream as well. I recommend cookies and cream ice cream with chocolate chips! 😋 ▶ June business days "Oizumi Ryokuchi La Mer" Instagram Please refer to the.

[July issue of Oizumi Ryokuchi News]

Hello. In July, we are planning events such as "Making ogyochi jelly", "Making fashionable interior herbarium", and "Observing lotus leaves". For details, please check the July issue of Oizumi Ryokuchi Newsletter. * In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the contents may be changed or canceled. note that.

[Information on suspension of facility use] (Updated on May 29)

Due to the re-extension of the state of emergency to the Osaka area, we will continue to suspend the use of the facility during the following period. [Target period] From April 25th (Sun) to June 20th (Sun), 3rd year of Reiwa [Target facilities] ·Parking Lot ・ Sports facilities (tennis court, baseball field, ball game open space, sports open space) ・ Sports house (changing room / shower) * We will handle reception work related to sports facilities. ・ Flower and Green Counseling Center * Gardening counseling is possible by phone or email. ・ Naughty Land South Square and Matsubara Freedom Square * For youth baseball, etc. with permission to act, free […]

[Kinitoume is in full bloom ♪]

Hello, today I would like to give you some flower information. In Pergola, "Hypericum patulum" is in bloom. It seems to be in full bloom now because it blooms in early summer before and after the rainy season. The flower language is "glitter," "shining of the sun," and "secret." Yellow flowers appear to shine golden when exposed to the sun. ☀ It also has the characteristic that it does not allow the flowers to bloom completely. It may have seemed that something was hidden in the way it ended in the middle of perfection. Every animal, plant and person has a "secret". Besides, it's more fascinating if there is a […]