We send season of park!

We send season of park!
"Oizumi green ground news" August issue was issued on July 1!
The cover of the August issue is Salisbury, bright red flowers shine in the summer blue sky ♪
You can see the "Oizumi Green Land Notice" August issue of this issue and the July issue of the previous month issue from the Oizumi Green Land Official Website ♪
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○ Let's play summer of dream open space Oizumi green tract of land!
Annually! August 4 (Sun) "Let's enjoy the summer of Yume Hiroba Oizumi Ryokuchi!"
Develop natural crafts and fun games!
No prior application required! As it is held in Hitsugi open space pre-forest area from 10 o'clock to 14 o'clock, please come by all means ☆

○ Look for the shell of the semi-osen of Oizumi green space This is also annual! We will investigate the semi from Oizumi Ryokuchi from the shell!
August 11 (Sun) "Omizumi Green Land Semi-Hello Search" will be held!
Applications will be accepted from July 11 (Thursday) at the Flower and Green Consultation Center!

○ Aroma spray making & aroma yoga
We will be holding a series of "Ocinomori no Mori Yoga" from April and "Aroma Spray Making & Aroma Yoga" in August!
We make aroma spray of geranium and mint this time, and we are healed by refreshing smell and do yoga ☆
Reception will start from 10:00 on July 17 (Wednesday)!

We distribute "news from Oizumi green tract" in administration office, flower and green consultation center, Sakai-shi Kita Ward government office besides homepage. Please see once by all means ?

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