Best time to see information (December 16)

Botanical name: Himalayan cherry Expected peak viewing: Late November to early December

Himalayan cherry blossoms are blooming.

Himalayan cherry is a small to tall deciduous tree belonging to the Rosaceae family.

It is a cherry tree that blooms in the cold season from November to December. The flower color varies in shade depending on the individual, and in Oizumi Ryokuchi you can see one pale pink and one slightly darker pink.

Damaged by Typhoon No. 21 that occurred in 2018, the dark pink individual looks a little lonely, but the individual that blooms pale flowers blooms a lot every year, and wild birds such as white-eyes come to suck nectar. I see it coming.

It has a short flowering period of one week to ten days.

In Oizumi Ryokuchi, you can see it on the east side of Toizumi Pond.
Photo ▶ Taken on December 16th when the fall started / East side of Toizumi Pond

As of December 16th, the flowers are in full bloom and the center of the flower is red. When the wind blows, the petals are starting to dance a little.

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