Best time to see (May 2nd)

Plant name: Japanese iris Best time to see: From mid-April to mid-May

The flowers of Japanese iris are in bloom.

Japanese iris is a perennial plant belonging to the genus Iridaceae in the family Iridaceae. It is an aquatic plant that prefers shallow waters such as sunny ponds, swamps and streams.

As for flowers, two to three flowers usually bloom on one flower stem. The flower color of the original species is purple, but there are also white ones born by mutation. Also, it seems that there are various differences in flower color and morphology depending on the fabric.

It seems that there are 70 cultivars currently cultivated, including 10 main varieties and recently produced ones.


In Oizumi Ryokuchi's Kakitsubata Garden, there are Rashomon, Shirasagi, Date, Ichikisaki (from Joyo), and Yawata Plateau (wild species).

As of May 2, the last third flower is in bloom.

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