Best time to see (January 5)

Plant name: Best time to see plum blossoms: From early January to late February

Plum blossoms are in bloom.

Ume is a deciduous small tree of the genus Cerasus and apricot in the family Rosaceae. The flowers open before the leaves, and the flower colors are white, crimson, and pink. The flowering time varies depending on the variety, such as early blooming in early January to late blooming in March.

In Oizumi Ryokuchi, plums near Karotoike Seseragi Square begin to bloom first, followed by plum grove and water currents (near Komorebi no Niwa) southwest of Soike Bridge, Shikisaien, northwest of Toizumiike, and forests on the west side of Cycle Doronko Square. However, it can be seen and the flowering time varies.

As of January 5, the pink plums (double-flowered) near the Karotoike murmuring, which begins to bloom first, have begun to bloom.

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