Information on facilities that are resuming use

You've entered summer vacation.
It's hot every day, but isn't it hot in the summer?

Due to the extension of priority measures such as prevention of spread, BBQ in the free BBQ area is currently prohibited in Oizumi Ryokuchi, but GoodBBQ Oizumi Ryokuchi and outdoor furnaces can be used.

    Playing equipment such as slides is also hot in this heat, so you need to be careful when playing, but you want to feel cool in a cool place such as a shade of a tree or a stream.

Facility usage status:

■ Facilities that have resumed use from Saturday, July 17th

    ・ GoodBBQ Oizumi Ryokuchi ・ Outdoor furnace

■ Facilities that have resumed use

    ・ Parking lot / sports facilities (tennis court / baseball field / ball game open space / sports open space)
    ・ Sports house ・ Flower and green counseling center ・ Cycle Doronko Square

■ Facilities that will continue to be closed or discontinued

    ・ BBQ in the free BBQ area

* Please use the park while avoiding situations that pose a risk of spreading infection, such as avoiding crowding.