Acupuncture massage care experience for free!

June 9 (Sun.) Central Resting Center You can experience acupuncture massage care free of charge for conditioning before and after exercise in the open lawn area.
We accept consultation about health including advice about maintenance of body other than acupuncture massage care!
For the massage massage free experience and consultation regarding health, we received support from Osaka Prefectural Massage Association.
We will be exhibiting at the "Corporate Relay Marathon Festival! Oishumi" as a massage care conditioning booth, so please be sure to stop by the participants of the marathon and non-thousand participants ♪

# Oizumi green space
# Acupuncture massage

A fluffy smoke-like plant that colors the entrance of the contact garden, the smoke tree is at its best ♪ The feature of the smoke tree is to put fluffy flower spikes after blooming flowers from early summer to summer ☆ from a distance It is said that it looks like it is raising smoke when you look at it! # Oizumi Green Space # Smoke Tree

Posted by Oizumi Ryochi on Thursday, May 23, 2019