Yuri full time!

Yuri full time! Lilies are at their best in the contact garden! White, yellow, pink, etc. ♪ colorful The beauty of the figure is characteristic as there are words such as "If you sit up, a glaze, you sit, peony, you walk a lily flower" ☆ The noble blooming figure with the fresh blue sky in the background, colors will shine! # Oizumi green space # Contact garden # Lily Facebook

Four-colored apocalyptus!

Four-colored apocalyptus! A flower of a nematode is at its best on the south side of the large lawn open space! It is a oleander that can be seen in various places in the park, but four colors of flowers are in full bloom in the south side of the large lawn open space. Oleander is a plant that is widely used for planting trees along roads and factories as a flower tree that is resistant to pollution, but let's not let it out because it is poisoned in the leaves and so on! # Oizumi green space # Oleander Facebook

Nouzen Kazura Flowering!

Nouzen Kazura Flowering! Large pergola, bright orange and pink flowers bloom in the garden of contact etc. ♪ You can enjoy orange flowers in large pergola, orange flowers near red in contact garden in the hot perennial of bilious plants that bloom in hot summer ☆ If you are tired of taking a walk through the park in the hot weather, please take a break while looking at Nouzenkazura! # Oizumi green space # Knowzen Kazura Facebook

Hydrangea flowering

Hydrangea is blooming in various places in the garden such as flower garden and contact garden, komorebi garden, etc. As for the hydrangea hydrangea, the thing like a small rose gathered in the center is a petal, and the leaf-changed moth like a big petal is on the outside. In particular, there is a large volume of oyster hydrangea in the Kakibata garden, and it is worth seeing ☆ Please come in full bloom ♪ # Oizumi green space # Kakibata Garden # Gaku hydrangea Facebook

Lotus flowering

Lotus Flowering Today is the summer solstice on June 22 (Saturday), and the calendar sunrise time is considered to be the longest day of the year. The temperature is high, and the day is also long summer production! It is likely to be a day like that. In Oizumi pond, flowering of lotus which is the summer symbol of Oizumi green space was confirmed! There are not many flowers yet, but it seems to gradually bloom from this ♪ Lotus blooms flowers early in the morning, but if you close the flowers around noon, it is recommended to watch at the morning walk etc. (* ^^ *) # Oizumi green […]

Agapanthus blooms around the contact garden and in the scented garden ♪

Agapanthus blooms around the contact garden and in the scented garden ♪ A large number of flowers with a cool, refreshing sensation throughout the rainy season-summer ☆ As the origin of the name, it is considered to be a combination of the Greek words "agape (love)" and "antos (flower)" and is also said to be "love flower" ♪ # Oizumi green space # Contact garden # Agapanthus Facebook

America Deigo

Only one American Deigo tree blooms a bright red flower in American Deigo Shikisai Garden! It is different from the famous "Digo" flower in Okinawa, and its leaf has an oval oval shape, and it is a prefecture flower of Kagoshima Prefecture. # Oizumi green space # America Deigo Facebook

Spring Landscape Photography Exhibition

Spring Landscape Photography Exhibition Presently at the Flower and Green Consultation Room, we are holding the "Spring Landscape Photography Exhibition" with the cooperation of the Oizumi Green Space Volunteer and Oizumi Green Photo Club! In addition to displaying spring landscape photos taken by members of the Oizumi Green Photo Club, we also display landscape photos of the Oizumi Green Space taken by students of the photo class in the practical training! Period: June 13 (Thursday) to June 23 (Sunday) Facebook

Oimizu no Mori Yoga-Aroma Spray Making & Aroma Yoga-

Oimizu no Mori Yoga-Aroma Spray Making & Aroma Yoga- July Forest Yoga makes aroma spray in the classroom and performs yoga while being healed by the scent! The summer heat will be in full swing in July, and we will make an aroma spray of mint and lavender ☆ Let's heal summer fatigue by refreshing smell and yoga ♪ We will accept the management office window or telephone from 10 o'clock on June 20 (Thursday) ☆ The details are as follows. ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ◆ 日 時 Date and time: Saturday, July 20, 2019 10:30-11:30 ※ 9 to the management office […]