Healing gardening course

Healing gardening course On July 20 (Saturday), we held the third healing "Horning Gardening Course in 2019"! After a yearly event and a lecture on horticultural welfare, the gardening course necessary for flower bed management, then they become a pair, and they take turns to experience eye masks, and have tips and tools for gardening work with people with visual impairment. I experienced the device! The last moved to the first parking lot north side, the sunflower field was the garden without the mark, and performed flower pattern picking of the flower bed! # Oizumi green space # Healing gardening course Facebook

Let’s play summer of dream open space Oizumi green space!

Let's play summer of dream open space Oizumi green space! Very popular every year! "Let's play summer of dream open space Oizumi green tract!" We hold this year ☆ A fun program with games, games and games using acorns, pine cones etc. is set in the forest area in front of the open space of the temple! You can come and join freely on the day ♪ ◆ date and time: Sunday, August 4, 2019 10 o'clock to 14 o'clock * It will be canceled at the time of warning announcement. Change to the central rest area when it rains ◆ place: in front of the sheep square, in the […]

Sunflower full time ♪

Sunflower full time ♪ The sunflowers are in full bloom in the garden of nowhere. From the end of June to the beginning of July Mini sunflowers in the same place have reached full bloom, but now the tall sunflowers are blooming behind it ♪ After the rainy season in the Kinki region was announced, a semi-chorus of semis, which can be regarded as a symbol of summer, resonates in Oizumi Ryokuchi. Blue sky and semi and sunflower ♪ I feel summer (* ^ ^ *) # Oizumi green space #Sun Flower # There is no garden Facebook

Heart mushroom! ?

Heart mushroom! ? Despite the announcement of the end of the rainy season, the weather has continued to dim. Heart in the oyster garden? The mushroom that looks like is growing! Please look for where it is! However, it may be dangerous if you touch it, so please keep it just by looking at it. # Oizumi green space # Kakibata Garden Facebook

Classic gardening plant display

Classic gardening plant display-large flower & change morning glory- We will exhibit a large flower & change morning glory as a classic gardening plant display from 27th July (Saturday) tomorrow at Kakutsubata Garden! We will exhibit the roots of the morning glory, which features a large flower morning glory to appreciate the color and pattern of large flowers, and flowers and leaves that do not seem like a morning glory! In addition, depending on the flowering situation, it is expected that it will be August in full bloom! We will also notify you of the exhibition and the flowering situation at any time ♪ The details are as follows. ー […]

Green arch growing!

Green arch growing! Green arches of gourd, fussen kazura and passion fruit are growing in front of the sports house. The vine is growing day by day, and the gourd is getting ready to produce fruit, and the passion fruit is also blooming flowers ♪ I hope the temples will reach the ceiling and you will have a wonderful green arch. Please watch the growth warmly ♪ # Oizumi green space # Green arch Facebook

Aroma spray making & aroma yoga

Aroma spray making & aroma yoga We held "aroma spray making & aroma yoga" on Saturday, July 20! In the first half, we made aroma spray and aroma lotion, and in the second half, we did yoga while being healed by the scent! In the first half, while smelling the smell of each of the aroma oils, the participants have created their own aroma spray and aroma lotion with a combination that everyone likes. The second half is yoga! At first we will pose after loosening around the shoulder blades and shoulders. In the class room where the aroma smell drifts, I was able to take a pleasant pose while […]

Little flowering!

Little flowering! Hemerocallis, which has a strong presence on the north side in the Kakibata Garden, a white flower quietly resting behind it, Gribous also welcomes you at its best ♪ The contrast of the orange color of Hemerocallis and the white of Giboushi is also beautiful ☆ It is also said that the sedation of the flower language of Giboushi, and it is said that it originates in giving a quiet and peaceful impression that a clean and concealed flower form! # Oizumi green space # Giboushi Facebook

It is held today! Morning market of vegetables!

It is held today! Morning market of vegetables! The morning market of water culture cultivation vegetables is started at flower and green consultation center from 10:00 today on Sunday, July 21! The vegetables corner is appearing soon after entering the consultation office! About hydroponics vegetables, we comment on each vegetable! One bundle 150 yen, sold out good luck! Please buy it by all means ☆ # Oizumi green space # Hydroponics vegetables # Morning Market Facebook