Be careful after the rain!

Be careful after the rain! A heavy rain alert was announced in Kashiwa City and Matsubara City with the Oizumi Green Space from the evening of July 3 (Wednesday) to the morning of July 4 (Thursday). Although the alarm has been canceled at the moment, it is possible that the rain may cause muddy of the ground, hanging of the branches of trees, and so on. Park staff are visiting the park, but please do not touch the park management office if you notice anything. Oizumi Green Space Management Office 072-259-0316 # Oizumi green space Facebook

Fashionable interior harbor rium

Fashionable interior harbor rium June 30 (Sunday) held the "Stylish Interior Harborarium" class. First of all, after hearing about the explanation about the herbarium and the flower material to be used, you will start the practice immediately! First disinfect the bottle and place the flower material on the template to determine the design. Then make a ring through the bead wire, put the flower material ring in the bottle, pour the oil into the bottle and you're done! A nice herbarium that could heal your heart during this rainy season is now available ☆ # Oizumi green space # Flower and Green Consultation Center # Herbarium Facebook

We send season of park!

We send season of park! "Oizumi green ground news" August issue was issued on July 1! The cover of the August issue is Salisbury, bright red flowers shine in the summer blue sky ♪ You can see the "Oizumi Green Land Notice" August issue of this issue and the July issue of the previous month issue from the Oizumi Green Land Official Website ♪ <Oizumi Ryokuchi homepage / News from Oizumi Ryokuchi introduction page> ○ Let's play summer of dream open space Oizumi green tract of land! Annually! August 4 (Sun) "Let's enjoy the summer of Yume Hiroba Oizumi Ryokuchi!" Develop natural crafts and fun games! No prior application […]

The scent of gardenia ♪

The scent of gardenia ♪ When you are walking along the adventure land west of the adventure land there is a good smell from somewhere! ? Gardenia is blooming and the area is wrapped in a mellow scent ♪ Some people may feel summer when smelling the gardenia scent? We will bloom flowers one after another from June to July ☆ # Oizumi green space # Gardenia Facebook

Sunflowers are beginning to bloom!

Sunflowers are beginning to bloom! A hot and humid day continues. While the temperature continues like summer production, Oizumi Ryokuchi blooms flowers that color summer in a row ♪ Sunflower is growing day by day in no garden! One corner of the garden which has no flower is all over sunflower ♪ The scene when it has grown and bloomed is a masterpiece ☆ Please look forward to growth by all means (* ^ ^ *) # Oizumi green space #Sun Flower # There is no garden Facebook

Houseplant exhibition

Houseplant exhibition Presently "houseplant exhibition" is held in flower and green consultation center exhibition room! We introduce houseplants that can be enjoyed at home in addition to the plant display! May be a reference for your home's interior! ? Please look forward to it ☆ ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー Period: Thursday, June 27-July 15 (Mon. and Public Holidays) # Oizumi green space # Flower and Green Consultation Center #Foliage plant Facebook

Yuri full time!

Yuri full time! Lilies are at their best in the contact garden! White, yellow, pink, etc. ♪ colorful The beauty of the figure is characteristic as there are words such as "If you sit up, a glaze, you sit, peony, you walk a lily flower" ☆ The noble blooming figure with the fresh blue sky in the background, colors will shine! # Oizumi green space # Contact garden # Lily Facebook

Four-colored apocalyptus!

Four-colored apocalyptus! A flower of a nematode is at its best on the south side of the large lawn open space! It is a oleander that can be seen in various places in the park, but four colors of flowers are in full bloom in the south side of the large lawn open space. Oleander is a plant that is widely used for planting trees along roads and factories as a flower tree that is resistant to pollution, but let's not let it out because it is poisoned in the leaves and so on! # Oizumi green space # Oleander Facebook