Oimizu no Mori Yoga-Aroma Spray Making & Aroma Yoga-

Ooizumi Forest Yoga-Aroma Spray Making & Aroma Yoga- August 17 (Sat) "Aroma Spray Making & Aroma Yoga" was held! This time I made aroma spray and aroma lotion of geranium and lavender! The first half is making aroma spray and aroma lotion while making it cute ☆ I made my own spray and lotion while listening to the explanation about the effect of fragrance! In the second half, we performed yoga while being healed by the scent! First, meditate while looking at Oizumi Pond, and then take a pose while being healed by the scent ☆ The weather is good and the view from the workshop room is outstanding! Wasn't […]

Oizumi Forest Yoga-Twilight Yoga-

Oizumi Forest Yoga-Twilight Yoga- It seems that the heat that has been going on for a long time after the Obon Festival will be settled. Forest yoga will be held outdoors again from September when the heat calms down ♪ Why do not you practice yoga at twilight while feeling the scent of the turf, the surrounding trees, and the blueness of the sky? For the twilight yoga held in September, we will accept a management office window or telephone from 10:00 on August 21 (Wednesday) ☆ Please apply ♪ ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー –Date […]

Best time to watch Curcuma!

Best time to watch Curcuma! Curcuma is in full bloom in the garden of contact! The exotic shape of the flower is characteristic of a light red color ☆ In fact, it is classified into the same turmeric family as the edible turmeric, and the ones that are planted in the contact garden are those that appreciate flowers! We have pretty flowers blooming without losing the heat of summer ♪ #Oizumi Green #Curcuma Facebook

Momijia flowering!

Momijia flowering! A vivid red and flower shape somewhere in the garden of hazumizumi Somewhere tropical chick, Momijiaoi is in bloom ♪ A lot of flowers bloom in front of the entrance to welcome everyone who comes to Shikisaien ♪ #Oizumi Green #Momijia Facebook

Making medaka and waterbowl bowl

Making medaka and waterbowl bowl On July 28th (Sun), we held a workshop on “Medaka and Denji Sou water bowl making”. Masu will study how to make aquatic plants and how to raise medaka. Explaining aquatic life with slides from familiar creatures such as loach, motsugo and tamoko to alien creatures such as black bass, We will study with quiz slides and real things such as the difference between medaka and coconut palm. After that, hands-on training in making water bowls. Put Denji Sou in a water bowl, put pebbles around it, and add half of the water. About 5 medaka from the medaka pool, where many medaka are swimming, […]

Fun insect class

Fun insect class On August 4th (Sun), we held a “Fun Insect Class” with a lecture by Mr. Hiroshi Watanabe of the Insect Science Education Center! First of all, we explained the mantis, and after that, the participants touched two kinds of peculiar mantis, Hanakamakiri and Kareha Manakiri, and studied the mantis's habits with slides. After that, mantis and insects are searched for in the central flower bed. Not only praying mantis but also Aosiagehaha, grasshoppers, etc. were found! I also made a moving beetle and swallowtail butterfly using a straw in a paper work! Wasn't it the chance to study insects during the rest of summer vacation? #Oizumi Green […]

Mukuge flowering!

Mukuge flowering! Mukuge is blooming in various places in the Oizumi Green Area! It is famous as a flower that colors the midsummer to bloom one after another even in hot weather ☆ There are various varieties of varieties, and there are also ones that bloom in the park depending on the location, such as double blooms and double blooms. The flower color is different, so you may not notice it at first glance. You can see flowers behind the oyster butterfly garden, around the baseball stadium, on the south side of Soikebashi ♪ #Oizumi Green #Mukuge Facebook

August 11 (Sun) Oizumi Green Area Volunteer, Oizumi and Acorn Party hosted an event “Oizumi Green Area Cicada Hull Search”!

August 11 (Sun) Oizumi Green Area Volunteer, Oizumi and Acorn Party hosted an event “Oizumi Green Area Cicada Hull Search”! First, study the life of Abrazemi at the picture-story show, then go to the park's woodland and look for cicada shells! We categorized shells such as oilseed crab and bears. The last is making a semi strap using acorns ♪ You learned a lot about cicada during the summer holidays in the Oizumi Green Area where the cicada chorus resonates! #Oizumi Green Facebook

Use of facilities in the park with the approach of Typhoon No.10

Suspension of use of facilities in the park due to the approach of Typhoon No. 10 and the prohibition of entry A storm warning was announced at 8:43 in Sakai City with the Oizumi Green Area following the approach of Typhoon # 10. In order to ensure the safety of visitors due to the announcement of a storm warning, all facilities in the Oizumi Green Area have been suspended and access to the park has been prohibited. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please spend your time in a safe place without any urgent need. #Oizumi Green Facebook